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There are more than one reasons in the back of it however few ones cannot be just neglected which includes that they’re overbooked, they may be making up for income losses, they’re in the back of in submit production, they can’t preserve up with each day responsibilities, they’re seeking to maintain up with personal lives.

Let’s get into it and notice how they may be overwhelmed in 2021.

They are overbooked

So, majority of the couples needed to reschedule their weddings due to COVID restrictions. Some rescheduled more than two times. Some couples scheduled TWO weddings, a micro remaining 12 months and the full reception day this year.

A lot of these reschedules have been accomplished on the last minute, whilst photographers/videographers schedules were already full, however how will you say NO to your couple, who has had to reschedule their wedding ceremony three times? You don’t, you squeeze them in to make that double weekend a triple.

They are making up for income losses

A lot of photographers and videographers had widespread income losses in 2020 and 2021 due to cancelled and rescheduled weddings. A lot of those weddings took up dates this year that would had been for a new couple, with new earnings and new marketing (phrase of mouth).

They are in the back of post production

A lot is going on after the wedding day in a photographer and videographer’s office. The modifying lists are in no way finishing this year. Shooting a wedding is only a part of this job. After one session or wedding- there’s downloading, transferring, culling, organizing, enhancing, exporting, uploading, and delivering. A lot goes into post production to make sure that your photos and videos are best and exactly what you paid for and this takes time and should never be rushed.

They can’t keep up with daily tasks

Not only do photographers take photos and edit, however they do a whole lot of different matters to preserve their business running. Some photographers and videographers have even placed plenty of this apart to seize up with editing.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Marketing
  • Website management
  • Communication / emails
  • Client relationship / engagement
  • Social media management
  • Booking / scheduling
  • Equipment upkeep etc.

They are seeking to maintain up with personal lives

Most photography and videography businesses are made up of 1 person (or a married couple). They make money working from home, work for themselves and are their very own boss. Work is tough to place down when it’s five toes away and email and textual content notifications are going bizzerk. It’s their WORK, not work that they’re doing for someone else that is easily put down for the next work day, it never ends.  Even when they need to clean their house, are planning a vacation, when they get sick, are getting married, having a toddler, spending time with own family or friends, making plans for honeymoon, looking after their kids/pets, and so forth.

Yes a variety of these things are all ordinary elements of running a small business, however the insane quantity of bookings in 2021has made it genuinely difficult to preserve up with them all.


The moral of the story is that your photographers and videographers need to get your photos (likely greater) than you want to obtain them. It maintains us up at night knowing that we are overdue with handing over your photos/videos, taking longer to reply in your emails, and are losing bookings due to the fact we can’t keep up with those emails.

I’ve been seeing quite a few creatives percentage that they’re having health issues due to the stress that they may be below and it sucks to look.

We had loads to make up for in 2020, and we’re all doing our best.

Be patient with your photographers and videographers, we honestly care about you and delivering the artwork that we’ve created for you, as fast as we probably can. And we care about our new emails and inquiries very much and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

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