Mak Studio Films & Photography

Terms & Conditions

  • Rates are fixed The services you will receive will be worth way more than your expectations.
  • Initial deposit has to be paid at the time of confirmation.
  • Initial deposit will be nonrefundable on any cancelation.
  • We have 3 stages of payment instalments, 75% advance at the time of making bookings, 15% at the time of receiving Raw pictures from us after your event and remaining 10% at the time of final delivery of your Albums , Videos and Pictures. Please note that it is our policy that we provide everything together , which include videos in DVDs , your Digital Albums and Pictures.
  • It is necessary to take all the Raw pictures from us after 15 days of your events, and after one month of your event if we do not get any information from you then we will delete the data.
  • It is also necessary to drop all your selection pictures for Album within 1 month of your collection, after 1 month of no information from you, we will remove your data.
  • MAK holds all the rights to use all Your photos and videos for promotional purpose on social media.
  • We don’t provide an internet connection for live streaming (Wedflix).
  • A meet up session with the bride /groom is preferred before the event date to discuss their ideas about the shoot and the event.
  • Meetings are set by appointment only.
  • In Outstation events we will charge some additional Amount for Accommodation and travelling of the team.
  • For couple shoot we required up to 1 hour at least to do the shoot properly, as the quality of work can be affected if we are not given the required time.
  • Photo editing is only done to an extended that they remain natural, we don’t over-process.
  • ZERO tolerance for misbehavior. If any of your guest misbehaves with any of our team member and it is your knowledge, we have right to leave the event without any repercussions.
  • Our team is obliged to leave the venue in case of any sort of misbehaviour.
  • Our team will be at the venue from 7:30PM till 1:30AM and after that additional charges will be added.
  • We will prefer to have 1 contact person from the family to for any kind of communication regarding event to avoid any inconvenience and misunderstandings.
  • Event Photography, we take unlimited photos, later you can select the best 60 photos (for the albums) After 1 month of delivering you with the final albums & videos your data will be removed.
  • The duration of Cinematic long video can be 10 to 40 minutes, but it varies depends on the event that happened.
  • Testimonials coverage after an event at home not on the same day of an event and will be taken at only one location.
  • MAK hold no responsibility if your data is courrupted by any personal or by god’s act.
  • In case of home based event, our crew will leave the premises after 12:00AM.
  • In case of having them stayed for late additional charges will be added.