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About Me

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Muhammad Adil Khan - Mak Studio

Muhammad Adil Khan

Founder Mak Studio, Visual Graphic Designer, Photographer, Film Maker, Animator

I am blessed to be one of those people who love what I do and do what I love! I just love photography and my inspiration comes from capturing those special moments or bonds between people.

I am a self taught and read photography books, online tutorials, browse professionals photographers galleries, and so on. It's all about me and my passion!

I think it is an honour to be able to share these special moments with people and give them photographs that will help them remember and cherish these special times for years to come!

I work as a multi-disciplinary creative in Motion Graphics, Animation, Photography, Videography & 3D Animator.


Photographers are needed for all important occasions and also by organizations to cover their events.

A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away! Cherish every moment you value and keep it safe with you in the best possible photo with you.

To help you in your task we present MAK Studio by Muhammad Adil Khan. We have the most professional photographers with the state of the art equipment available for Photography & Videography. The videography team excels in covering your events or occasions in the best professional way, delivering high resolution results employing their experience and skills.